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The Leaks Have Started — It’s Modern Warfare III

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Same old, same old?

Hold up! Don’t like reading? Watch instead…

You’ve seen the leaks by now, 2023’s Modern Warfare is officially going to be called, “Modern Warfare III.

Will this Call of Duty be the one to finally hit Activision where it hurts?

Or will it sell gangbusters like usual?

Who knows but the leaked information depressingly mimics their failed Modern Warfare 2022 strategy.

If you had to sum up Joe Cecot and the gang’s strategy for Modern Warfare 2022 it would be this:

Starting a new era of Call of Duty where new mechanics are intertwined with all-in-one maps, complete multi-franchise integration, and multiple game modes to create the ultimate CoD package!

Essentially, stuffing in as much variety as possible and blurring the lines between everything CoD.

But we all know how it’s turned out.

Call of Duty is now a suite of experiences that boil down to a Jack of all trades, master of none — Battle Royale, Resurgence, DMZ, Invasion, and traditional multiplayer all equally get no love.

The developers are in constant catch-up mode.

The whole thing has become an orgy of mid content and that can’t be disputed.

That’s where I see the latest news on Modern Warfare III taking us.

The latest Modern Warfare III leaks — or in the real world, Activision’s marketing campaign — paint a numbing picture.

Being led by Sledgehammer Games, the upcoming sequel to Modern Warfare 2022 looks like it’s going to be more of the same consumer experience we’ve been getting.

It’s rumored that they’re giving us a new Warzone map, Las Almas, along with a first for Modern Warfare, a Zombies mode. This new mode will be the non-round-based Outbreak mode from Black Ops: Cold War.

There are two ways this can all go:

Sledgehammer Games has the chance to save the entire franchise. They can make fundamental changes to movement and shooting.

They can give the community the arcade shooter we’ve been thirsting for, but that would mean a completely new Warzone experience to go along with the new map, Las Almas.

I think we all know that isn’t happening.

Activision isn’t going to split the player base further — especially when they just started ramping up content for the marketplace.

What’s going to happen is we’re all getting the 2022 experience — a generic campaign coupled with an unfinished multiplayer suite at launch.

What’s worse now though, is that the franchise has a completely new mode to worry about — Zombies. The Black Ops staple has always been a bonafide arcade shooter experience so with the current state of Modern Warfare, how is it going to play?

Do you trust Sledgehammer and the gang to launch a competent Outbreak Zombies mode?

Do you remember how Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies played when it first dropped?

Someone in the Call of Duty roster is going to get the short end of the stick, and it’s probably Modern Warfare multiplayer — again.

We’ve seen this strategy from Activision before. I wouldn’t be surprised if Modern Warfare III is critically behind on development as we speak. And that’s not going to change even on release day.

These guys are throwing everything they have into the market as quickly as they can, including generic apology press releases, and relying on gamer apathy.

And you know it’s going to work — unfortunately.

For the Warzone community that’s missing the Warzone One experience, we can only hope Raven Software and time are on our side.

Battle Royale and the othe big battle modes have about five months to make serious changes to the formula before Modern Warfare III’s launch.

And it looks like they’re headed in that direction. The micro-changes to movement in Season 3 Reloaded are a good sign.


The Modern Warfare III leaks aren’t hitting the same for a lot of people.

Content creators and the CoD community are finally speaking in unison about the upcoming release and it’s nothing but skepticism all around.

Hopefully, Modern Warfare III is the one that wakes up the Call of Duty developers.

See you on the battlefield and as always stay cool, gentlemen.

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