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Deadrop’s New Snapshot VI Is MEATY

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Things are looking good…

Hold up! Don’t like reading? Watch instead…

Deadrop Snapshot VI just popped off yesterday.

It was the latest Snapshot in 4 months and it was packed with updates and future trends.

And unless you’re some unhinged hater, Deadrop looks like everything the FPS community needs right now.

The team at Midnight Society is showing us what the future of game development is going to look like.

If you grew up in the 90s, it won’t be a surprise that Deadrop is taking a massive investment in the UGC strategy.

Midnight Society announced sign-ups for creators to get into their user-generated content program.

Put simply, it’s the 90s modding scene making a comeback.

We’ll be able to create new skins, weapons, and entire game modes. The whole 9-yards.

It’ll be interesting to see how soon Midnight Society allows creators to start modding content for Deadrop.

From how they’re talking, it looks like they want to do it sooner rather than later. I think the goal is to get the community to come up with great ideas for the core game.

And in the spirit of relying on crowd feedback, Deadrop dropped a new proving ground map in Snap Shot VI.

The map is designed around close-quarter combat and is meant to stress test tight geometry in a vertical extraction shooter.

It’s essentially 2 apartment complexes facing off with elevators, pipes, and zip lines peppered in for traversal.

They’ve also added interactable doors, windows, and a ping system.

So far there’s a lot of positive reception — the gunfights are more intense, pathing is more direct, and it’s brighter.

Don’t worry though. The original map — Cold Storage — hasn’t been dropped. It’s now part of Deadrop’s new Map Rotation system. Just like Apex Legends, we can now see maps and queue times.

Deadrop is really coming into its own while getting basic multiplayer fps housekeeping implemented. It’s exactly what the community wants to see.

Snapshot VI saw the biggest gameplay changes so far.

We no longer have to rely on proxy chat and good faith to form on-the-fly teams. Midnight Society has implemented squads.

We can now go solo, 2-man, or 3-man. The gameplay really changes when you know that most players on the map are rolling with backup.

And speaking of backup, Deadrop introduced Cleaners.

Cleaners are an AI squad of 3 that spawn randomly around the map. Their job is to remove dead bodies, remove dropped loot, and eliminate you if you get in their way.

Currently, it’s too easy to kill them and they don’t do enough damage, but once tweaked, they’ll be a nice addition to the gameplay loop.

Midnight Society also gave us more gear in Snap Shot VI.

We now have access to frag grenades — they’re a bit clunky right now… IYKYK,

adrenaline spray — a useable that buffs armor and health… basically Call of Duty’s Battle Rage,

and zipline thrusters that allow us to travel up ziplines instead of just down.

This new tech is great but that’s not the best part.

In what is going to be a staple in all extraction looter shooters going forward, Deadrop implemented something so simple, yet so effective.

We can now pick up and move loot bags to safer locations before looting. Why no other game has allowed us to do this until now is crazy.

The most controversial addition to Deadrop in Snap Shot VI came in the form of the Vendor.

The Vendor is the first sign of the game’s future economy and reminded the community about the inevitable NFT integrations.

Right now there’s nothing remotely close to NFT-backed itemization so if you’re on the con side, you can breathe.

What we can do is buy and sell weapons and gear using the currency of Deadrop’s universe — Space Dust.

It’s going to be the greatest balancing act Midnight Society has to face in the future, but for now, the economy is looking good.


Deadrop’s latest Snap Shot is enough to tide us over until the next big update.

The game is progressing nicely and the developers over at Midnight Society are saying and doing all the right things

I’ll see you in the Refiner State and as always, stay cool, gentlemen.

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