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Leonardo Dicaprio Lives Life on Peak Mode — 5 Life Lessons

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Peak specimen, peak performance, peak fertility


Do you remember that Leonardo DiCaprio kerfuffle a while ago?

You know the one: The, “Leonard DiCaprio doesn’t date women over 25” thing.

Leonardo DiCaprio throws away his girlfriends when they turn 25.

Here are 5 lessons we can learn from his philosophy.

1. Relationships are Transactional

Sorry to burst your bubble, but men and women don’t like each other like that. Try talking to Chinese parents about “marrying for love.” They’ll laugh in your face.

The East understands men, women, and the ties that bind.

Relationships are economic at their core.

Men want youth and pussy. Women want money and security.

If you’re not serious, when you’re done with her youth, kick her to the curb. (make sure she makes sure she gets paid)

2. Fertility and Beauty

Why oh why is it age 25?

Because Mother Nature’s a bitch.

The reason women age faster than men is that they have shorter fertility windows.

And the reason younger women are so attractive in their early twenties is that those are their peak fertility years.

Ain’t the Universe beautiful?

3. Do You First, and Always

Every lady knows DiCaprio’s deal — he likes young women and once they’ve run their course, he bids adieu.

So why do ladies still fall for it? Don’t they any have self-respect?!

Women don’t give a shit, they love a man on a mission.

As a man, dedicate yourself to a craft, master it, and then show it off. Your primary purpose is you and your legacy. Women are a byproduct.

They’ll hate you but love you at the same time. It’s their nature.

4. “Nah.”

This one is real simple.

Leonardo Dicaprio knows that you know.

He knows what “society” thinks of older men intentionally dating 20-year-old “girls”.

He. Doesn’t. Give. A. Fuck.

Be unapologetic, guys. Let the weak men be moved by shaming tactics.

5. Don’t Be a Climate Change Prick

I don’t know if he actually believes in the climate change bullshitit is bullshit — but Leonardo Dicaprio has been caught doing the usual elite hustle — moralizing about the world ending while jet-setting around it.

As a man, be very direct about your beliefs, red lines, and intentions.


The world needs more Leonardo Dicaprios.

Be one of them.

The cream will always rise to the top, haters will always hate, and losers always lose.

Live your life, gentlemen.

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