How to Dream Stronger and Longer — “I don’t dream.” is Bullsh*t

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Just 12 minutes a day will change your nights

Here is why dreaming matters to you.

You’ll spend roughly 33% of your life sleeping.

REM — a time when your brain is most active during sleep — is roughly 25%.

You’ll spend roughly 8.25% of your life dreaming — about 5,0624 hours.

And if you’ve ever watched the movie Inception, you know that 5 minutes in the real world can feel like 1 hour. Roughly.

It goes without saying that what is possible in a dream is impossible in reality.

But you can take inspiration from the images, sounds, and emotions in your dreams to inspire your waking life.

Let’s begin.

1. Meditate — Dream Longer

Everyone dreams. But not everyone remembers.

It’s not that you aren’t dreaming. It’s that your mind is scattered — always reaching for something different instead of staying on task.

That’s where mediation for focus comes in handy.

By strengthening your mind’s ability to hold attention, it’ll do less wandering. And that will allow you to stay in the moment after waking up longer — between dream and reality.

That brief window will give you the time you need to ‘remember’ before your mind begins to wander.

And the best part is that it only takes 12 minutes of your day.

Here’s how you do it:

We’re going to be using the breath as an anchor point — breathing is the most reliable and repetitive sensation available to everyone.

But not just “the breath”, an aspect of the breath. It could be the warm and cool sensations as you inhale and exhale through your nose, the rising and falling of your stomach, or the pressure changes in your chest.

Whatever you choose to focus on, make sure it’s tied to your breathing.

  1. Sit on the floor or in a chair — whichever is most comfortable — in a stable, upright posture. Rest your hands on your thighs or cupped and placed over your groin.
  1. Focus on your breath — whichever aspect you’ve chosen. Do not force your breathing. Let your body breathe naturally.
  1. Refocus when you find your mind drifting away from your breath.

Step 3 is the most important part of meditating for focus — noticing you’ve stopped concentrating on your breath and refocusing — trains your brain to stay on task.

Do this every day for 12 minutes during the morning or before you sleep. (I prefer the latter)

2. Dream Journal — Dream Stronger

Everyone knows that if you want to achieve big goals in life, writing them down in a journal helps make them more real.

The same goes for dreaming.

If you want stronger and more vivid dreams, write.

Each morning as you piece together and remember the night’s dream, write the events down in a dream journal.

You don’t need to write every last detail, but getting key plot points, characters, and emotions down on the page will train your mind into believing that the events did indeed happen.

And as the dream world starts to feel just as real as the waking world, be prepared to have some of the most detailed, thought-provoking, and unworldly experiences.


This is what we call a 100x investment.

12 minutes of your day will radically change your life — low cost, low effort, and high reward.

Your imagination is about to kick into overdrive!

GLHF, gentlemen.

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