How I Conquer My Inner Procrastinator

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I struggled a lot until I started using these 3 techniques

Can you relate to this?

“You’re the laziest hard-working guy I know…”

A lot of procrastinators (like myself) aren’t bad workers — some of us have a work ethic that could put half the population in the hospital trying to keep up.

The problem is, you have to get us to work.

And that’s what I’m going to solve for you.

Here are three techniques I use to get off my ass and get shit done.


This technique is parroted a lot because it works.

“Break up larger projects into smaller tasks.”

By pipelining your goal — creating phases one, two, and so on — you know what you need to do at any given moment.

And once you have the phases set, you can turn off your brain, put your head down, and complete manageable pieces one at a time.

I know it seems obvious, but taking the time to break apart your project is a powerful technique for overcoming the inertia of not feeling like getting any work done.

This Should Be Your Mindset

You were taught wrong.

Like most people, you were trained to believe that work needs to get done because there’s a deadline — the boss needs the report or the client needs the video.

Deadlines are the wrong way to think about 99% of work.

Here’s the raw truth, 99% of work will never give you any gratifying reward once it’s completed.

But people expect to feel satisfied and when they don’t, they find it difficult to keep going.

So if finishing your work isn’t enough, what is?

Think of work as an investment.

Accept that there is no reward to individual pieces of work.

And instead, realize that each task you complete is like shoveling coal into a train. At first, there’s a lot of effort for very little reward. Nothing is moving.

But over time momentum starts building. And momentum means movement.

If you can change the expectations you have about 99% of work, it becomes a lot easier to just get shit done.

Embrace Your Nature

The most powerful technique for destroying your procrastinating nature is to simply embrace it.

Not everyone is a morning person.

Not everyone is a visual learner.

People are different.

And there’s only so much you can do to kill the inner procrastinator.

With that said, understand how you work best and maximize that strategy. For me, I do best in batches — short bursts of hyper-productivity with lulls in between.

Think of it like the 80/20 rule applied to productivity.

For 2-3 weeks I’ll work at 80% capacity then for 1 week after I’ll take it easy at 20% (no one really works at 100%).

By cycling on and off, I’m able to get more done over time than if I try and force myself to sit still and be a good boy for the entire semester.

Stop trying to be someone you’re not and just roll with it.


Using these 3 techniques, I’ve gotten more done in 5 years than I did in my high school, college, and early working days combined.

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As always, keep it simple, gentlemen.

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