Warzone 2 Isn’t a Sequel — Just Like Overwatch 2

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Here we go

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The initial love for Warzone has faded — the last season with Caldera was brutal. I still can’t believe they released a map that looked like it was saturated in urine.

And while a lot of the lost love can be chalked up to player fatigue, I think it had a lot more to do with gameplay design choices. In other words, there wasn’t a whole lot to do in Warzone — there was no real meta aside from weapons.

For example, in Apex Legends, there are layers to almost everything — hero ultimates and abilities, multi-type shield management, on-the-fly weapon crafting, complex vertical map design, movement skill gaps, and I could go on…

Warzone’s simple design has run its course. Infinity Ward has had 2 years of battle royale experience to chew on and has come up with what?

Just like Overwatch 2, what makes Warzone 2 a sequel? Especially when the rumors turned out to be true.

Metaaphor — a Call of Duty Twitter account known for accurate whispers — tweeted after Call of Duty Next that after fan feedback, Raven Software would be making 5 major changes:

  1. There will no longer be A.I. running around the map.
  2. A.I. will be confined to the new Strongholds only.
  3. Loadouts are coming back.
  4. Perks are coming back with loadouts.
  5. Menu-based inventory management will be removed from looting.

Four out of five on that list turned out to be true. Although, menu-based inventory is still in the game but works along the old method.

Where are the new game mechanics or features?

We’ve experienced A.I.-populated “strongholds” in Warzone special events before.

Loadouts and perks should never have been removed in the first place.

And a backpack-based inventory system isn’t revolutionary.

There are only 4 really big changes I can think of but will they be enough?

What’s New In Warzone 2?

1. The gulag has been revamped.

Raven Software have reconfigured the gulag to make it a 2 v 2 firefight with A.I. thrown in to help and hurt you. Your gulag buddy isn’t necessarily from your team either, but an enemy player who’s also getting a second chance.

Will they have to tweak this decision again? Because I want to get back in the fight as soon as possible and the new design sounds like it takes way too long.

2. There are now 3 closing circles.

Raven Software have added 2 more circles to the traditional battle royale dynamic. Three circles will now run simultaneously and separately around Al Mazrah(the new map) and eventually merge into the iconic single final circle.

I love the idea of forcing squads to confront each other sooner. It’ll definitely make matches more exciting and can help reduce camping.

3. The loot around the map is now context-dependent.

Raven Software have taken away some RNG and folded loot into a narrative. Guns, ammo, and armor will appear in places you would expect on a battlefield — military bases, abandoned checkpoints, etc. Medical supplies will be stashed in medicine cabinets within homes.

This change might finally introduce a strong meta into Warzone. Squads can now plan rotations and routes around predictable supply destinations. This would also increase PvP encounters as everyone starts fighting for the same location — think of the fun we had at Verdank’s Superstore but on steroids.

4. New, More Detailed Map

Probably the biggest change is of course the new map, Al Mazrah. They’ve managed to bake in old-school maps like Terminal, Highrise, and Quarry, and overall the entire map looks a lot denser and geometrically complex.

Tying in with the new loot system, the biggest chance for a real meta in Warzone is going to come from the new environment.


Will these changes be enough to get the player base back to Warzone? Who knows. But what I do know is that if Activision doesn’t fix the hacker problem, this game is dead on arrival.

At the end of Warzone Verdansk, you couldn’t go one game without having it ruined.

I’ll see you on Al Mazrah and as always, stay cool gentlemen.

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