You Need to Start a YouTube Channel Now in 2022!

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Here are my top four tips for getting started

The economy’s dead! It’s not going back!

Got your attention? Maybe the above is true, maybe it isn’t, but let me ask you this?

Can you afford to bet on the old, “one job for life making wagey money and hoping your 401k is around when you hit 70” gamble?

The new economy of the future is “user-generated content”. Not corporate. Not government. You and me

Now’s the perfect time to start building an audience and making money on YouTube — it’s easier than you think.

And if I were starting a channel in 2022 (and I already have), here are 4 things I’d make sure to do.


The sooner you start, the sooner you can “set it and forget it” and go do something else with your life.

The buildup of a channel takes time, but once you get rolling (and monetized) you can offload some of the work.

You can hire people to:

  • Write scripts
  • Edit videos and create thumbnails
  • Publish and distribute your content

… whatever you can farm off to free up your time.

2. Train the Algorithm

When you’re first building your YouTube channel, the YouTube algorithm has no idea what you’re all about.

What category do you fall under?

What are your ideal audience demographics?

You need to train the algorithm with data — videos, titles, descriptions, and metadata.

That means you need to pump out A LOT of videos (20+) as fast as you can to give the algorithm something to watch — don’t worry, no one is going to watch your first 20 videos anyways.

When starting your YouTube channel in 2022, publish, publish, publish, publish.

3. Think Ahead and Double Your Footprint

This tip is very low-effort, high-reward.

Google is the number one search engine in the world. You need a presence on its results pages.

And the easiest way to feed the Google algorithm data is not to create a website with brand new content, but just crosspost and repurpose your YouTube video content.

Here’s how:

1. Go create a free blog website.

You can use Wix or WordPress (my recommendation). There’s a great YouTube tutorial on how to set up a WordPress blog here.

2. Every time you publish a new YouTube video, make a post.

Write a short blog post summarizing the video’s contents and highlighting any key takeaways. Also, make sure you embed the video into the post.

Voila! You’re not just building your YouTube channel, but you’re creating an SEO home base you can use later to launch a full website that generates ad revenue.

Start the blog right away! Don’t wait.

4. Get Over Yourself!

There’s an audience for every topic, every opinion, every voice… there’s an audience for you.

You don’t have to speak or appear on camera, but if you’re shy about it, don’t be.

Your voice, your look, your vibe, resonates with enough people that you can build an audience in the tens of thousands! Easily.

The future economy is individual content creator-driven so stop hesitating and start now.


Did I mention to just start? Seriously. Go.

And as always, keep building gentlemen.

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