Top 5 Caps 🧢 Every Man Needs to Wear in the New Economy

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Brandish these mindsets, build successful businesses

The future is decentralized.

Entertainment, politics, finance, medicine… you name it, it’s all going back to the individual.

That means the economy is changing —

It’s less about dominating the market as a large corporation and more about finding a small, hyper-loyal niche.

And to get there, you need to change how you think about entrepreneurship.

Here are 5 mindsets you need to adopt to build successful businesses in the future.

1. Modular Thinking

Ever heard the expression, “There’s an app for that“?

Must have been popularized by Apple or some other trendy company…

Any successful businessman thinks in terms of delegation —

What can I pass off to free more of my time?

Luckily, in 2022, “There’s a person for that.

When creating a business with a digital footprint (read: your business better have a website and social media channels), managing everything shouldn’t fall on your shoulders.

If you have the money upfront, great. If not, as your business grows you should be delegating key roles:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation
  • Website management
  • Customer relations

Any work you can pass onto a permanent employee or contractor is the name of the game.

Just make sure you’re doing a proper cost-benefit calculation.

Online contractor sites like Upwork and Fiverr are great places to get inexpensive talent:

  • Copywriters
  • Web Designers/Developers
  • Lead Generators
  • Video Editors
  • Virtual Assistants

Everything you need to create businesses in the new economy is a couple of clicks away.

It’s never been easier to assemble a team of professionals and lead them to your finish line.

2. Monk Mode

The new economy can be described in one phrase,

If you want to build thriving businesses, you better tap into your inner monk. That means keeping your brand, messaging, and products/services simple and authentic.

Let me repeat: SIMPLE and AUTHENTIC.

Or you can be like Polium — a videogame console manufacturer — and try to sell some convoluted shit to the consumer.

Just mix “blockchain”, “nft”, “web3”, “gaming”, and other buzzwords into a blender, and voila!…

(they also ripped off the Gamecube logo)

Here’s the raw truth, no chaser:

The old economy mindset revolved around a consumer-business relationship.

The new economy mindset evolved into a follower-influencer relationship.

The new “consumer” doesn’t want to be fucked with and they have all the tools they need to bring any bullshit right to your digital doorstep for everyone to see.

Whatever you do, make sure you represent yourself honestly and communicate truthfully. The money and followers will come.

3. Future Ford

We all know Henry Ford, “the car guy”, but one of his greatest contributions to the world was the assembly line technique of mass production.

In other words, scale.

And while technology at your fingertips is one half of a future-focused mindset, the other half is you.

From the very beginning, every decision you make needs to be filtered through this calculus:

Is this new idea or new function I want to onboard easy to scale?

Still don’t understand? Here’s a perfect example.

Let’s say people love the way you paint 3d-printed 6-inch sculptures — think Warhammer-type stuff.

You open a business (in your house) where you print, paint, package, and ship your sculptures.

Here’s the problem:

Even if you dedicated 100% of your time to just printing and painting, you’re still going to hit a productivity ceiling — there are only so many sculptures you can paint in a day.

What’s the solution?

Before the orders start flooding in you need to have a game plan for onboarding other painters. This includes planning ahead for the marketing that introduces this shift to your customers — after all, they initially loved your work, not someone else’s.

Future-focused thinking about scalability separates the winners from the losers.

4. Nimble Ninja

Don’t get lost in the spectacle of the Jeff Bezos, Elon Musks, and Gary Vees of the world.

You need to learn to shelve your ego if you want to build successful online businesses.

Unless you’re cocksure about your brand, the number one rule of the market is:

The market moves you. You don’t move the market.

And the market has never been better for entrepreneurs.

With near-instant feedback through marketing analytics, performance metrics, and social media, you better be prepared for creative destruction.

Don’t get too attached to an idea or strategy.

Keep your eyes and ears open to unexpected trends, higher-than-usual social media post engagement, and products and ideas that overperform.

And when you see these opportunities, hop on board viral memes, replicate banger Tweets, and give your customers more of what they want.

In essence, pivot. Quickly.

5. Digital Salesmen

Why do great products fail to launch, while mediocre products pop off?


Luckily, all of the tools you need to get your message out there are inexpensive, optimized, and so easy to use a monkey could do it.

If you want to work some market magic, get familiar with these digital promotion vehicles:

Social media marketing — hashtags, keywords, trend-hijacking, and good old-fashioned word of mouth to build a following and hype around your brand.

Digital advertising — PPC (pay-per-click) platforms like Google Ads and Meta Ads that blast your business across search engines, social media channels, and websites.

The old advertising and marketing tricks still apply — social proof, urgency trolling, and storytelling — the vehicles’ve just changed.

The marketplace is now global and that’s a two-edged sword. There’s serious money to be made, but it sure is crowded.

If you want to stand out, put on the cap and become a master marketer.


Building a successful business today has never been easier.

And these 5 🧢s will put you in the right frame of mind to make it in a market that’s about to go through another revolution (hello web3 metaverse).

Remember, you’re in the driver’s seat, gentlemen.

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